Puli Bingo

Because Walking a Puli in Public Is So Predictable

Print it out, grab a pencil, and go for a walk! You can decide if a line is good enough, or whether you'll wait for a full card. Let your Puli play along and give them a treat for every square you cross off.

"Bob Marley"
"We be jammin'!"
"Ya mon!"
"Do they have a tail?" "Ball of yarn!" "It's a what?" "Is it hard to groom?"
"Doesn't Zuckerberg own one?" "Is it hair, or is it fur?" "Where are the eyes?" "It looks like a living rug!" "That dog has dreadlocks!"
"I didn't think it was real!" "It's a Komondor. Right?" "I thought it was pull luggage!" "How do you bathe the dog?" Touching the dog without even asking permission
"I wish my hair looked like that!" "It's a Puli!"
(rarely heard)
"So well behaved!" "Do you ever cut the hair?" "Does it really grow that way naturally?"
"It's a mop!" "How much did you pay to have that done?" "So beautiful!" "I've never seen one in real life." "How does that dog see?"

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