Puli Bingo

Because Walking a Puli in Public Is So Predictable

Print it out, grab a pencil, and go for a walk! You can decide if a line is good enough, or whether you'll wait for a full card. Let your Puli play along and give them a treat for every square you cross off.

"Do you wrap the dreadlocks yourself?" "Do you have a mop handle attachment for it?" "Do you shave them in the summer?" "So well behaved!" "So beautiful!"
Touching the dog without even asking permission "It's a what?" "Which end is which?" "It's a Komondor. Right?" "Reggae Dog"
"Jamaican Dog"
"Rasta Dog"
"Can I take a picture of your dog?" "Do you use it to clean the floors?" "That dog has dreadlocks!" "Hey, look at that dog's hair!" "It's a Puli!"
(rarely heard)
"I didn't think it was real!" "Can I pet your dog?" "It looks like a living rug!" "Do they have a tail?" "I've never seen one in real life."
"Doesn't Zuckerberg own one?" "How much did you pay to have that done?" "How do you bathe the dog?" "Where are the eyes?" "Is it hair, or is it fur?"

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